We are the ZOXteam,

group of people who decided to use their brains to create electronics with a heart.

So we developed ZOXCALL FF, tiny gadget with a big soul, a bonsai between cell phones.

We think that development is a game and a great adventure that should end with some problem solving. For us, the problem was an addiction to applications, push notifications and likes on social media. We wanted to create a phone that goes to the core of the communication – but the one that does not step back.

Nejmenší telefon na světě

tiny proportions
73 x 43 x ~ 3,5 mm

Vlastní design ruluje!

design and materials
for the phone cover

Rozbalím to a komunikuju.

immediate use

Made in Czech republic

made in Czech Republic

Žijte dlouho a blaze!

digital detox

Haló, je tam někdo?

eight buttons for the most
important contacts


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