A credit card size communicator. ZOXCALL, in cooperation with O2, is introducing its first eSIM device.

Prague, 13. September 2018 – The technology company ZOXCALL, in cooperation with O2, is launching its first device with an embedded eSIM.

“The device calls a preset phone number with the push of a button and allows customers to quickly and easily connect without a mobile phone. With its small size, it fits into a pocket or wallet, and is always on hand,” says Ota Kalab, CEO of ZOXCALL.

“The first eSIM device on which we are cooperating is suitable both for the safety of children and the elderly, and in the commercial sphere where it opens up a completely new way of communicating with the customer. ZOXCALL can be used, for example, as a smart card, which at the press of a button, calls a preset number – to an assistance provider, a doctor, a service, or a favorite restaurant. It also conveniently allows for the quick reporting of malfunctions and prompting assistance, adds O2 Roman Bacík, product manager for O2 innovation.

ZOXCALL enables an easy and quick connection to a selected phone number. The device does not have a display; it can be operated with two buttons to start and end the call. The size is comparable to a credit card. Double-sided UV printing ensures high quality and color resilience and self-adhesive film allows for changes in appearance. Charging is via USB, and the battery lasts up to six months without charging. The product can be recycled.



Magdaléna Zachová – zachova@zoxcall.com; +420 222 200 203

O2 Czech Republic

Lucie Jungmannová, Spokeswoman – lucie.jungmannova@o2.cz; 720 761 621

About ZOXCALL a.s. 

ZOXCALL a.s. is the manufacturer and retailer of innovative telecommunication, localization, and IoT devices. In combining advanced technological solutions, we create unique electronics that help people. On 26. 9. 2018, the company will be among the exhibitors at Rohlik.cz Startup Festival 2018. For more information, visit www.zoxcall.com.

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