We offer elegant and simple solutions.
první vlna barevných krytůWe are the ZOXteam,

we developed ZOXCALL FF, tiny gadget with a big soul, a bonsai between cell phones.

Our approach is zen-like – we prefer an essence, clearness and personal space over multifunctionality.
We want to make electronics to improve people´s lives not to complicate them. And we are still active – we believe that progress never ends. Currently, we are thinking about new ways to upgrade design, ergonomics and navigation, we are going to integrate GPS, RFID and Bluetooth into our electronics, too. We develop not only telecommunication systems but localization systems and IoT as well.

At the same time, we consider what exactly we want from new technologies. We would like to use „wise“ things, not just the „smart“ ones.

This is our philosophy. We offer you a choice – you can be offline, be with yourself and be yourself whenever and as long as you want to be. And not to lose contact with your close ones. That´s what is it all about. Do you agree?

Welcome to our team.