Up to 90% of business cards end in a trash. How can you make sure that yours don’t end up there?

man's hand holding a business card

Annually, 10,000,000 business cards are printed in America alone. Of these, 88% will end up in the trash after only a few days. We’ll advise you on what to do so that your business card is not among those.

Are business cards really needed nowadays?

It may seem that business cards do not belong in the modern world. Their apparent uselessness is supported by the fact that most of them are immediately thrown away. Even so, business cards are still a very popular tool that can draw in new customers when used properly.

Business cards provide the customer with the first bit of information about you and your business.

This moment often determines whether the customer will favor you or your competitors. Many account managers also use business cards as ice breakers when meeting new clients. By accepting a business card, the customer subconsciously agrees to participate in joint negotiation.

The most common reasons for discarding business cards

Have you also wondered why so many business cards end up in a basket? The most common reason is simple: according to statistiticbrain.com, people don’t currently need the service they are offered and don’t see a need for it in the near future. Another reason is simply that they don’t think you are likeable enough and don’t want to work with you. Do not take it personally; it just happens.

Reasons for discarding a business card

graph: reasons for discarding business cardsWhat should a business card look like?

When choosing between a classic and modern business card design, choose a modern approach. Colorful and interestingly designed business cards survive up to 10 times longer than plain white ones. The quality of the business card also plays a role in choosing a service provider: people clearly prefer services represented by business cards printed on higher than standard quality paper.

In addition, colorful and otherwise interesting processing helps people remember your business or brand under which you operate. Be original while maintaining your company’s identity.

In addition to your company’s contact details and logo, make sure to have a link to your site; QR codes that allow contact numbers to be saved quickly are also popular. The goal is to make it clear to the customer that you are the one and only choice. It is possible that they don’t need your service at the moment, and then the main task of the business card is to capture enough interest that discarding it would cause a feeling of disappointment.

Modern business cards

Imagine a business card that will surely top them all; a business card your customer will always have on hand. Sounds like a fairy tale? The ZOXCALL press & call card will fulfill all your expectations. One button connects the customer directly to you – yes, directly from the business card!

An intriguing connection of functions makes the press & call card a functional item that everyone will want to keep close at hand. In addition your preset number, it can connect its owner to emergency services. It resembles a classic business card and it can fit anywhere where it is easily accessible. Two-sided printing customized to your liking adds an original design that is guaranteed to catch your customers’ eye.

Make calls directly from a business card

Your customers can easily and quickly connect with you by pressing one button. The number does not need to be stored elsewhere, nor does it require a phone to make the call. It simply calls directly from the press & call card. It’s up to you what number the customer reaches: you directly, your customer support, or anywhere you want. The advantage is that the number is not visible to the customer – if you do not include it in the printout. You can use the press & call cards to contact a undisclosed number.

By distributing press & call cards, you increase your chances of success. This modern business card not only breaks the ice between you and the customer, but it also creates a desire to test it out. Isn’t this exactly what you’re hoping for?

Choose the right one for you:

A direct connection to customer support

This card provides your esteemed customers with a direct connection to good customer service. Without waiting, it connects to a number of your choice without revealing the number. This provides you with the security of knowing that this number will remain in the hands of this specific customer.  Combining a practical form, innovative features, and duplexing, you get effective customer care that can always be kept on hand.

A promotional product with value added

Are you looking for an interesting promotional item that your customers will not forget? The ZOXCALL press & call cards are fresh promotional giveaways with value added. By pressing one button, the customer can call you directly, and easily connect to 112 emergency services. This provides a reason why everyone will want to keep the press & call card on hand. Two-sided printing allows you to create a unique promotional item that gets customers’ attention at first glance.

Contact with a social worker

Do you need your clients to have your contact at hand, but are you afraid they will lose a business card, can not save a number, or don’t have phone on them? The calling card ZOXCALL press & call card is ideal for the disadvantaged, allowing a direct connection with you without needing to save the number in another device or even needing to have a phone. The client connects directly with you by simply pressing a button.