The press and call card allows you to connect to one preset number and 112 emergency services. The device has no display and the control works by means of two buttons: on / off and call start / end.

To Use

Before you start a call, you need to activate the battery and turn on the device; after ending a call, turn off the device and deactivate the battery. To activate and deactivate the battery, slide the switch to the “on” / “off” position. To turn the device on and off, press the call start / end button few seconds. The choice is confirmed by a sound and light signals. To start and end the call, press the call start / end key again.

A connection to the Emergency Line 112

After activating and turning on the device, hold both buttons at the same time for few seconds.

To set the number

The ZOXCALL press & call card comes with a preset number so it can not be changed later on. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the customer always reaches you.


50 x 85 x 3,8 mm

Material and production

A plastic cover encloses the electronics of the device. Production and assembly is carried out in the Czech Republic.


The press & call card can be printed on both sides. UV printing is used for high quality and color fastness. Print resolution is sufficient for photographic quality output. Colors are not injected and are resistant to dilutants and solvents.

Ecological and recyclable

The product can be completely recycled.


Charging is via USB using a cable or through a PC. When fully charged, the battery lasts for 3 months without recharging.

You need to activate the device before charging.

Call duration and service life

The maximum call duration and SIM lifetime depend on the plan you have selected. Contact the sales department for more information.

Package contents

The ZOXCALL press & call card with preset number and print as per client selection, a USB cap, and a user guide.