Printed promotional products that get you more customers


Looking for marketing giveaways that will not only please your existing customers, but will actually get you more? The ZOXCALL modern business cards will exceed your expectations.

The ZOXCALL press & call card is a fusion of an original business card and direct line of communication. By pressing one button, the customer can connect directly to you without needing to save the number in another device or even needing to have a phone. With double-sided printing, you can create an original promotional item that will be appreciated even by the most demanding customers. In addition, ZOXCALL allows you to contact the emergency number 112. These features create a unique combination that ensures that the client will keep ZOXCALL on hand.

Modern business cards

Would you agree that paper cards do not (don’t) fit into the 21st century? Still, they seem to be very popular. The reason is simple and psychological: by giving a business card you break the ice during introductions. In addition, you present a subtle message (OR subliminal message) about your company or your position. Imagine a business card from which the customer can connect directly with you without saving a contact and by pressing only one button.

Give your esteemed customers or business partners ZOXCALL instead of a classic business card and significantly increase your advantage over the competition. Pressing one button connects you whenever they need it and there is no search for the paper card, or rewriting and saving the contact.

You can customize the look of your classic business card and provide your contact information.

A practical promotional item

Are you looking for an original, yet practical, promotional item for your customers? Use your imagination to customize the perfect ZOXCALL card, directing your customers to perfect number. A common and attractive use is for feedback or for reaching customer support. You can also preset a number that is not publicly known or available. Imagine using the card to distribute information about a private event. The advantage is that this number will remain hidden to your customer and can only be called using the press & call card.

An interesting and functional gift

Unlike conventional marketing giveaways with print, the ZOXCALL press & call card is a gift with value added. In addition to the ability of calling a preset number and promotional print, each calling card allows you to connect to the 112 emergency number. This makes it an interesting and functional item that you will want to have on you at all times.