miniature proportions and affordable prices

Thanks to unique proportions 85 x 50 x 4,4 mm the T4 model is easily accessible anywhere and anytime. The device was originally developed/created as a business card, which can be used for calling. The cost was kept low from the beginning so it was accessible to a wide range of clients and for various purposes.

an original solution for your business

In these very competitive times it is very important to be different and stand out. The T4 model is able to offer you an original way to present your company. It is the perfect solution for increasing customer satisfaction as well as increasing loyalty and it is able to bring new customers. You may show your current clients that you care for them and make sure that next time they need your services they will call you and not (go to) your competitors. You only need to present them with their new ZOXCALL T4 with your branding.

design and presentation based on your needs

Discover a new and original way to present your company – thanks to your own print or a sticker, ZOXCALL T4 will be a great advertisement. T4 model offers almost unlimited options for the design of the front as well as the back cover. Let your imagination run free.

no need for a SIM card or a lump-sum

ESIM card is already a part of the device, so there is no need to get out of your way to get an extra SIM card. ZOXCALL FF is also provided with a precharged 30 min of credit. Recharging the credit is possible through a classic eshop order.

made in the Czech Republic

The design and electronics development, cover design and the final assembly is provided by experts from the Czech Republic. We are professionals in our field and we are local.

health and safety

The health and safety of your device users is the highest priority. Therefore ZOXCALL T4 produces twenty-two times less negative energy than is the standard requirement. That is also ten times less than the best mobile phones of the biggest companies.

simple settings for a quick phone call

T4 model does not have a screen and is easily operated by 2 buttons. One for turning the device on/off and a second one for starting/ending a phone call. It calls straight to one predialled number and the emergency line 112.

quick charging and a long life battery

The mobile phone is charged by a standard USB connector – it can be inserted straight into the USB slot on a notebook, PC or charger. The device is charged for a twenty minute phone call after just/only 5 minutes of charging. And when fully charged it will last more than 6 months with no need for an additional charge.


T4 model is a small communication device, one of a kind that can be used to call on one predialled number and an emergency line 112. Its size is similar to a credit card and it can easily fit in a pocket or a wallet.